Sunday, October 26, 2014

Is God A Woman!!!

A few days back I was just waiting for my train to arrive and there was a crowd of women standing around me. May be the next train was a ladies special. All different! Some old, some young, modern, amazingly traditional, some jain sadhvis who had shun the worldly things! A motley crew of women!! Suddenly an idea struck me. What if God is a woman?

The food for thought was enough to feed the intellect while I waited. What qualities do we attribute god with?

Unmanipulative. (If there is 
a word like this :)

These are just a few. I am sure there are many qualities that I have missed but these are the basic ones!!
And I wondered, it was women that one could identify more with having these values than us men! 

It's a mother that has boundless love for her children. Not that the father is any less, but mother had a greater 
attachment to children. She knows them better. 

She would cry when she sees suffering, At least more than the opposite sex. We have Mother Teresa!! No father Teresa as of yet!! It’s a known fact that women out do us in this department!

Hands down it’s the women in this category. No women have started or fought in any war. They are not murderers, serial killers, terrorists, dictators, etc. even if some of them do fall in the preceding categories I am sure that it would be a fraction of 1% of all the males in that group. 

I don’t take the manipulations in the Saas-Bahu serials to be that harmful. It doesn’t kill anyone. Am sure no woman has been manipulative enough to fool a country to fight a war. Women do manipulate in other ways but that would rarely lead to a riot!! 

I don’t even have to say anything!! Beautiful from the heart and the body!! 

Moms are the best example. 

I am in no way portraying that 
men are useless! They are as much important as the females in the creation. It’s just that I am stating the obvious! I believe a woman is much more strong that a man, not in physical terms, but in a whole lotta other ways. 

But then I am saddened by the way women are being portrayed today. On TV, in the media it’s the foul mouthed, nonsense talking women that are getting the mileage. Which by the way constitute a minuscule % of the total women population (read chicks on reality shows.)
Rarely do we see a woman of morals being praised in these times?? Where has the respect gone? U might call me old fashioned but a lady commands respect and we should oblige that! 

And I don’t buy the 
argument by some women that it is the men who have degraded their character. These reasons are given by those minorities of women who actually have lost all the charm, the sanctity, and the decency of being a woman. They themselves are weak and blame others for the fiasco. Most women would be annoyed if a guy around them either talks foul or acts indecent. I respect them. I believe that’s what a woman should be like.

I believe that women are the best creation by god and I would love them to stay that way!! And in every sense it seems true that the creator is a Woman herself.

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