Saturday, June 12, 2010

First few shower's

Its 2 am. I just finished watching the FIFA WORLDCUP second match of the first day between France and Uruguay. Nobody scored, and I cursed both the teams for wasting my sleeping hours. Came to my room (den) to write a blog for criticising the hype created by this FIFA. (Specially when a team like France is not able to score even a single goal. What the hell were they practicing all this months?? May be “How not to score any goal and not loose”. But then suddenly I witnessed for the first time at leisure the rain outside my window. Couldn’t resist opening the window and getting the freshness of rain on my face. And the thought of criticizing the FIFA just went into the recycle bin of my brain. FIFA got saved.

Now the topic was clear. But then everyone knows the specialty of that first shower of the season. The aroma of soil, the wind, the lightning (Not always though) and excitement. But my excitement was more to do with my past feeling associated with the rains rather than the present feel of the rain.

Just remembered the time I used to play Football on road with my boys gang during my teens. And we did use to score pretty number of goals. (France... Please take a note of this). Though we always had shortfall of footballs… coz roads have vehicles on them and footballs are not made to come under the tires of any auto or bike and still not burst.

Remembered the rainy season in college days. Never did I carry an umbrella in my entire college life. Somehow I did manage pretty well. Any nowadays I need an umbrella even to go to any nearby shop. Perfect sign which shows that I have grown old. (and boring). Many a times while going to college I did get all wet to such extend that I could not attend a lecture. But then that was so normal for a backbencher like me. Hahaha.

Remembered the few instances when had some romantic moments in the rain. Wow. The girl was all wet. (No pun intended) Me too. And that lightening with a loud bang. Scary enough to drive the girl into my arms with lightening speed. ;) But then the only issue was that there were too many arms. Coz I would be in a crowd of students with the girl being totally stranger to me. In rainy season, even if you don’t know a girl, something really clicks and there seems to be a start of a romantic love story. The only problem being that the girl should also feel the same. But then I guess with guys like me (purely average) that’s the problem in all the seasons. Hehehe.

Also remembered the Mumbai rainy season in the year 2005 where every thing just came to a standstill. Every person living in Mumbai cant forget that. Wow. Now that’s what I call a rainy season. I really pitied the people living in Cherapunji (the place with highest rainfall in India). And felt Bombay to have got transformed into another Cherapunji during those 3 days.

In my life many beautiful things have happened in the rainy season. Many of my life changing decisions have happened in rain. Believe me. It may sound exaggerating but major twists in my life have happened when I was either completely or partially drenched in rain.

A biotechnology student who was more interested in becoming a flight steward and had got approval from his mother to become one… changed his mind to do MBA and joined classes for CAT. That happened purely because of rains. It was that one day when it was raining so heavily and I was supposed to go and get MBA entrance exam details (just for formality to show my parents) and also visit Frankfin Academy to enroll myself for Steward training. Coz that’s what I wanted to be. But I got so drenched in rains that day that I decided to postpone my visit to Frankfin keeping in mind that the first impression has to be good. And since I was least bothered about doing a MBA, impression least bothered for making an inquiry in one of the coaching classes for CAT. I still remember the expression on the face of the counselor at that coaching class when she looked at me… all wet from head to toe. Water was dripping from my pants and t shirt. She got even more pissed when I sat on one of the chairs. But I cared a damn. But later I actually got enrolled in the same class and did my MBA. Now that's a twist.

Now whenever I look at rains… I do remember that one fateful rainy day. Also the view of a heavy loud rain shower does fill my heart with the thoughts of many people. Like the friend with whom I had got stuck at one place for 2 full days because of rains. That place was my home. Or that memory of someone with whom I had witnessed a wonderful rainy evening. Or that cousin with whom I used to ride bicycle in rainy season. Wow. Sometimes it seems that life is all about collecting memories.

And while writing this blog, the last thought that came to my mind was what does this rainy season has in store for me?? May be something as refreshing and beautiful as the rain itself. :)