Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Purpose of Survival


Now it’s not a cliche sentence. Unless it’s asked out of frustration. But the same question asked with a cool and calm mind surely shows a sign of mature thinking. Sometimes in everyone’s life comes a point where one ponders over this question. Why do I exist? The question is a kind of a paradox in itself, because one can only speculate the answer’s but never conclude any single answer. Now don’t start questioning the importance of this question coz it’s as silly a question like “How did the time begin?” or “When is the doomsday?” These questions are utter nonsensical in our daily life. Similarly, the question about our existence. The answer won’t make any difference in the way we live our life… But everyone is sure to stumble upon this question during the course of what we call as LIFE.

A professional footballer aged 23 playing for a club in some European country and earning a fat salary is sure to make a 23 year old sitting in a third world underdeveloped country wonder about his own existence. Like “What am I doing at 23? Look at that footballer. He is a star. What am I?”

But this question is more drive by a desire to become popular. But now imagine a young girl aged 16 year sitting in her balcony doing nothing and pondering over the reason of her existence. She just wants the answer. It’s just the curiosity. That’s the question I am talking about.

I completely disagree to believe that I am here just to get up every morning to go to office, earn money, spend it with my family and friends, have lot of good and bad time and one day just die. That’s it?? That’s the average life of everyone. Now some people may go on beyond this average life to become someone who can make a difference in the society. Like a President, Social worker, Leader, artist, Journalist, activist etc. But is that again a reason for our survival?? Making a difference. Why should be making a difference be so much of an importance. Why can’t an average life of an ordinary guy be considered worth living? By making a difference, at the most what will happen is one will be remembered forever… Like Mr. Gandhi’s pic got printed on Indian currency. We see him during every money transaction (though credit/ debit cards are preventing us). But the point I am trying to raise is whether a person like Mr. Gandhi has justified his existence? Was his existence more valuable than any average guy? I don’t know the answer… but I would like to believe it as NO.

Just a weird thought… even a prostitute makes a difference to the society by letting her body be used to fulfill the desires of lust. But that’s a taboo in our country. I can really understand why some countries have legalized prostitution. It is a job. Very much a job. Fulfill the need of the people and make profit. That’s the simple and most basic marketing rule. Hahahaa.

So… coming back to the question of our existence. Are we here to just give love? Now the term love itself is so subjective. Let’s not get into it. Are we here to spread happiness? Again a very subjective term. For that matter even a sadist becomes happy when he sees someone suffer. And why is the feeling of being sad projected to be so negative. Sadness, Anger, Jealousy, Greed, Lust are part of human emotions and they are bound to show up from time to time. But then why are they projected to be so bad. Only being happy is good. That’s it. It would have been so boring then. So I don’t think in any way that spreading happiness would be our purpose. Are we here to do good deeds? The outlines of good or bad deeds have been defined by humans. So good deeds are again subjective. I cant understand why helping someone is termed good deed. We are social animal. So helping someone should be a rule or responsibility. But how can it be a good deed? And why is not helping someone bad? In nature animals don’t help each other except someone within a same group or blood relative. But we humans have made rules to help other (which is fine wit me) and also termed it as good (which is not fine with me). So we being here for doing good deeds is again a nonsense thought.

Are we here for just having sex?? According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, mammals and many other beings have this mechanism of reproduction through opposite sex to have a better chance of survival of the species. In genetic terms… Shuffling of the genes to make it more adaptive to the changes in the environment. So we need a male and female who would have sex and reproduce to make sure that the species continues. And then die. And if there is no sex, then no reproduction and no kids and no living things. So it’s like I am a machine with limited functional time and mechanism to create another machine. To stream line this whole process of survival of species, we human have created concept of marriage. Wow… we are smart.

But we being here only to continue our specie is such a weird thought. Coz why is our specie required to exist in the first place? And also why cant we live forever?? Like say gods. Why this tedious process of birth, life reproduction death etc?? I am Clueless.

But now if one looks at oneself with respect to this universe… one would find that we are so minute in this whole vast universe that our survival hardly matters at all. Yes. If tomorrow we all living things are to perish from this planet earth, it will make no difference to the rotation of earth, its revolution around the sun, revolution of the Milky Way, expansion of galaxies time etc. If you see the time from which this universe has existed… you would find that the existence of life on earth has been for just a fraction of time that has passed till now. It means that to space and time, our existence does not matter.

I would like to end this whole topic on a very philosophical note. Yes. The answer to why we exist.

We exist for our loved ones. Let the living being be aside. But if your existence vanishes, the only ones to be effected would be your loved ones. They will keep thinking about your presence. You presence will be stored in their memory till the time of their existence.

But the answer still seems to be incomplete. If God exists… I really wonder why did he take the trouble to actually create LIFE.


  1. nice one was little stretched in middle :-) ... but well written

  2. nice!! metaphysical is interesting!
    but i think avg guys live the life to fullest(not in material sense)like they can roam free on the beach.. goof up and still not be blamed like the famous ones.. doesnt hav to care too much.. can say wat ever...
    well its not the amt of time the quality of it that matters!!
    so hav fun, do stuff, go crazy, love... till death comes knocking!!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys... U r motivation to write more..